"When they get angry, they bring about a change."

You won't be finding any sweet, docile Asian American females here.

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Am I the only one really irritated people are making graphics saying #PrayforSouthKorea. Stop romanticizing a tragedy because you want notes on your damn kpop blogs. No one did this shit for the disasters in other countries, not even for the missing Malaysian airplane. Don’t try to say “I’m doing it because I care, not because I’m a kpop fan.” If you were really doing it because you cared, you wouldn’t need to justify the reason. You don’t need to defend prayer. Just do it.

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This is unacceptable!


  • DO NOT create fake texts and claim they are from the victims still trapped inside the ferry. These hoax messages have caused the victims families even more distress. Those creating fake texts can face criminal charges.
  • DO NOT whine about your favorite drama/show being postponed for the week….

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Getting really tired of this gentrification/hipster bullshit.

Yesterday: Hipsters strutting around in Chinatown, acting like they own the place, acting like they’re so cultured when they order “braised duck,” “Young Chow Fried Rice” instead of “chicken and broccoli,” “pork-fried rice.” Hipsters acting like they know what “Chinese food,” what “Chinese culture” is because “we live in Chinatown/we live near Chinatown.” Hipsters who wear shirts of sexual “geishas,” Mount Fuji, rolling clouds, Chinese characters, and claim that they’re just “cultured,” “love the Asian culture.” Hipsters who don’t understand, who get defensive when I tell them that they’re not fucking Chinese, not fucking Asian, don’t know anything about what it means to be fucking Asian, and don’t know anything about “Asian culture”

(Which, by the way, encompasses East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia.)

Today: Hipsters throwing loudass parties in the Bronx, acting like they own the neighborhood because “we work at the Bronx Zoo/we live here in the Bronx/we take the 6 train.” Hipsters in the Bronx who claim that they love diversity, then clutch their handbags when a fourteen-year old boy of color passes them on the bus. Hipsters who are thrilled to see that new organic, gluten-free grocery bullshit store open, ignoring the locals’ fear of the gradual takeover and closure of the local bodegas, nail salons, barbershops, butchers, Dominican restaurants, places that have always been dear, important, necessary to those in the Bronx who were here before.

My city is changing, and it’s not changing for the better,

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Gentrification’s insidious violence: The truth about American cities

Gentrification is violence. Couched in white supremacy, it is a systemic, intentional process of uprooting communities. It’s been on the rise, increasing at a frantic rate in the last 20 years, but the roots stretch back to the disenfranchisement that resulted from white flight and segregationist policies. Real estate agents dub changing neighborhoods with new, gentrifier-friendly titles that designate their proximity to even safer areas: Bushwick becomes East Williamsburg, parts of Flatbush are now Prospect Park South. Politicians manipulate zoning laws to allow massive developments with only token nods at mixed-income housing.”

Relevant, because I see hipsters crawling into Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Chinatown, Harlem, places in New York City where they shouldn’t try to take over. 

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